Conversation Earth: a series of insightful conversations with brilliant, visionary thought leaders, exploring our place on the planet.

Radio Series

A series of weekly 30-minute episodes available free to radio stations worldwide. See our Radio Stations page for information about airing the program.


Each episode is also available as a podcast. Find Conversation Earth podcasts right here, or subscribe on iTunes (coming soon), SoundCloud or Stitcher (coming soon).

The Team

Dave Gardner

Dave is a seasoned filmmaker with credits that include a PBS series and numerous award-winning films produced for Fortune 500 companies. He launched the non-profit Citizen-Powered Media (CPM) in 2006 to produce documentaries and lend media expertise to worthy underdogs in public debate. Dave worked in commercial, college and public radio before launching his career as a filmmaker. He currently co-hosts a public affairs talk program on his local community radio station, KCMJ.

Lynsey Tamsen Jones

Lynsey is an Austin-based producer with 10 years experience in television, documentaries, and feature films. She has worked on several projects for PBS including We Shall RemainIndian 101, and Snap Judgment: Storytelling with a Beat. Lynsey most recently acted as Associate Producer on the upcoming documentary The Seer, highlighting farmer, writer, and activist Wendell Berry. She is thrilled to be working on such an important series as Conversation Earth.

Lily Knauf

Sean Forrest

Sound Mix

Web Design

More Information

Conversation Earth
is a production of Citizen-Powered Media (CPM). CPM is a 501(c)3 non-profit helping educate the public about important social and environmental issues.

Funding for Conversation Earth is provided by listeners like you (donate here). For information about underwriting, call +1-719-576-5565 or write to contact us here.