Conversation Earth is a weekly 30-minute radio program of global interest. Some interviews are a little U.S. or North America-centric, but we strive to keep this series relevant to a global audience.

Episodes are also available as a podcast. No carriage agreement is required, however we do ask that you let us know you are carrying the program and where in your schedule it appears. Please use our contact form here to send that information.



COST: Free

AUDIO FILES: We publish a new episode every Tuesday at the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) and on Pacifica’s Audioport. Please obtain audio files from one of these locations. If you need an alternative delivery method, please call us at +1-719-576-5565 or use the contact form to make arrangements.

PROMOS: A generic series promo is available at PRX. We publish an episode-specific promo every week with that week’s episode.

TIMELINESS: All episodes are evergreen. You can begin with any episode at any time, run them in any order (with the exception of 2-part interviews), and they will be as meaningful in future years as they are at the time of publication. On rare occasions we will time an episode to coincide with an anniversary or other calendar event, however references within the episode are kept generic enough that the episode can run anytime.

Many interviews in the first season or two of the series were recorded in 2005-2010. We scrutinize interviews to ensure we are not including commentary that is obsolete, and we always indicate the date of the interview in our introduction to the episode. We are recording new interviews as we go along and they are beginning to dominate the series schedule.

We launched the series with episode 101 on August 25, 2015.

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