What exactly are “think tanks” supposed to be thinking about? Are some of them part of a campaign to cast doubt on science when it could interfere with profits? Author Kerryn Higgs recounted the growth-seeking activities of the corporate world in her book, Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet. Her research reveals think tanks, industry associations, and even university economics departments all play a role in advancing and preserving our society’s commitment to growth above all else, even if it means ignoring science.

This is part two of a 2017 interview. Kerryn Higgs taught history at Melbourne University and environmental studies at the University of New South Wales. She’s a University Associate at the University of Tasmania, where she received her PhD in Geography and Environmental Studies.

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  1. Fascinating talk with Dr Kerryn Higgs, few have done the hard yards of deep research that she has achieved. What she has to say should send alarm bells through general society, however we seem to continue apathetically towards the abyss like lemmings whilst exterminating everything in our path. Her conclusions are totally succinct and obvious, excellent discussion.

  2. Silva, thanks for your comments. I’d have to agree. The references and footnotes in Kerryn Higgs’ Collision Course book really impressed me. And yes, the church of growth everlasting is unphased.

  3. Kerryn Higgs’ book is on my shelf awaiting my attention ASAP. I look forward to reading it.

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