Would you be surprised to learn that human beings today have an impairment that prevents most of us from making the wisest decisions that affect our future?

Frustrated at the abysmal rate of adoption when seatbelts were introduced into cars in the 1960s, Jack Alpert quit his job as an automotive engineer to study human decision-making. In this episode he sheds interesting light on how we gather and process information to predict future outcomes and make related decisions.

Jack founded the Stanford Knowledge Integration Laboratory while doing post graduate work at Stanford University in 1978. Today the lab is an independent non-profit research foundation. Aside from his automotive engineering and cognitive science work, Jack was on three early tech start-up teams – Bananafish software, Conductus and Cisco Systems.

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Learn more about Jack’s work at www.skil.org

Time Blind
Learning — The Human Condition — and Complex Systems Modeling

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  1. An interesting read on extinction: THE WATCHMAN’S RATTLE by Rebecca Costa

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