Our ecosystems contribute tens of trillions of dollars to our economy every year, but – as L. Hunter Lovins notes…

At present we’re losing every major ecosystem on the planet…What are we doing to ourselves?…We have the…intelligence…to make different choices.”

In this interview, she outlines those choices and shares how they benefit businesses and the planet. Hunter Lovins co-authored the best-selling book, Natural Capitalism, with Paul Hawken and Amory Lovins.

One of the biggest challenges to living sustainably, says Lovins, is our belief we can meet non-material needs through the purchase of material things.

We keep spending all this money, and we aren’t getting any happier.”

L. Hunter LovinsWouldn’t you rather have more time than more stuff? She observes that we all have a profound hunger for authenticy, human connection, love. We recorded this interview in 2004, but offer it here because the concepts are as relevant today.

We’re sharing our best early episodes while we take a break between seasons two and three. Please visit our Tap the Brightest Minds on Earth campaign and cast your vote for another season. Your comments are invited below.  Is giving capitalism the tune-up Hunter Lovins advises enough to create a sustainable civilization?

More About L. Hunter Lovins:

Hunter Lovins is president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, and a professor of sustainable business management at Bard College, and Denver University. She co-founded the Rocky Mountain Institute, has addressed the World Economic Forum, the U.S. Congress, and the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

She consults for industries and governments on sustainability. Her clients have included Unilever, Walmart, the United Nations, Royal Dutch Shell, and Patagonia. In 2000 she was named a “hero of the planet” by Time Magazine.

She co-wrote: The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism to Save Our Economic Ass, published in 2012, and Creating a Lean and Green Business System, in 2014.

Photo Credit: Norm Clasen

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