This morning we’ve made the first episode of the new Conversation Earth weekly radio series available to stations around the world, free, on the Public Radio Exchange. We’ll share each week’s episode as a podcast, right here, a few days after radio stations get the show.

I know you hate to wait another week, so Lynsey (co-producer extraordinaire) put together a very brief sampler, just to give you a taste of bright ideas to come. You can listen to it right here, but there is also a video version on the Conversation Earth YouTube channel. I’m confident you’ll share our excitement about this new series and podcast. The lineup of visionaries we’ve already interviewed (not to mention the many more we’ll be recording over the coming months) is impressive.


I’m listing below a few of the people you’ll hear from over the coming months. We can’t even get to everyone this year; some will have to wait until 2016. Clearly, we are not going anywhere. We’ll be right here, bringing you thoughtful conversations about our place on the planet.

If you’re anxious for something to do this week while waiting for the first episode to appear here (plus on SoundCloud, iTunes and Stitcher), here are a few helpful tips:

Subscribe now, to get the latest episode every week when first available (it’s free):

iTunes (sorry, not yet)
Stitcher (soon)
Like our Facebook page, and recommend us to your friends.
Share the video from our Facebook page or YouTube channel.
Follow us on Twitter.
Ask your local public or community radio station to carry the show.

Thank you!

Dave Gardner
Host & Co-Producer


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