Welcome to Conversation Earth, a new radio series and podcast that will explore some of the most critical issues of our time. We plan to publish a new episode every Tuesday. Each conversation will offer just under a half-hour of philosophy, ethics, science, psychology and/or economics – examining, at a macro level, our relationship with the planet we call home.

If you’re interested in questions like these, you’ll want to subscribe (free) so you won’t miss an episode:

  • What does our future look like?
  • What are the important decisions we face?
  • How will they impact our lives and the lives of our children?
  • Why do we make the choices we make?

Each episode will examine the decisions humankind is currently making, how those choices are affecting the quality of our lives, the livability of our cities, the health of our environment, and future prospects for our children. The questions posed address the way society views progress and success.

Conversations Will Explore:

  • Living a Satisfying Life
  • Cultural Operating Systems
  • Limits to Growth
  • Population Growth
  • Cultural Programming
  • Irrational Behavior
  • Sustainability
  • Defining a Healthy Economy
  • Crowd Behavior
  • Common Worldviews
  • Rights of Nature
  • How We Became Consumers

For the first time in history, the activity of human civilization reaches into every corner of the globe. So significant is the role we play that our time has been dubbed the Anthropocene Epoch. This calls for self-examination at a new level.

I intend for Conversation Earth to become a hub of dialogue, engaging and interconnecting professionals and activists, students and teachers, journalists and experts, politicians and voters. It will feature and connect the leading thinkers of our time – with each other and with curious and dave-gardner-product-hostthoughtful citizens the world over. We will gather at Conversation Earth to dig deep and seek understanding – of what we’re doing and why we do it. I’m glad you’re here.

Dave Gardner

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